Tips For Traveling In A Post-Vaccinated World By Pelago Products

Tips For Traveling In A Post-Vaccinated World By Pelago Products

Tips For Traveling In A Post-Vaccinated World By Pelago Products

The summer of 2021 has finally arrived and with it, a whole slew of people receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations all around the world. The vaccinations themselves could be considered some sort of miracle – a fantastic feat of human engineering to help save lives and get the world back to some semblance of normalcy. With that in mind, the travel bug is real, and those who have been vaccinated are beginning to come out of their shells and explore the world that they felt so detached from for the better part of a year. With that in mind, here are some tips on traveling in a post-vaccinated world. 

Not All Areas Are Created Equal 

Remember, the pandemic is still far from over, and some countries might be experiencing outbreaks worse than others. Additionally, some areas might have lower vaccination rates amongst citizens, which could potentially change the experience of traveling there. With that in mind, it is important to remember that it is very much a privilege to have the ability to plan a trip at this point in time, so keep things simple and visit a destination where things are on the upswing.  

Prepare The Right Way 

If travel anxiety is something that you experience whenever you hop on a plane, then you can expect it to be a bit more amplified while traveling during the pandemic. Not to worry, though! Here at Pelago, we’ve got some essential items to help you ease your symptoms of travel anxiety. For instance, our protective travel masks, selection of neck pillows, and our 3oz reusable carry-on set are critical items that can help to make your experience on a plane much more relaxing. Fill your carry-on set with hand sanitizer or soothing oils, wear your mask with ease, and kick back with your comfortable pillow and blanket set ready to close your eyes until touchdown. 

Not to mention, we also have some of the softest face masks that you can find on the market right now, along with a velvety eye mask and earplug set to help you relax even further when flying on the plane. Remember, social distancing is still active on some airlines, but not so much on others – so, being able to enter into your own mental space might be just what the doctor ordered to cure your travel anxiety for the time being!

1% of Everything We Sell Is Donated To 1% For The Planet 

The only way to effectively repair our world after such a monumental experience is to take the right steps to heal it. Here at Pelago, we donate 1% of everything we sell to organization 1% For The Planet. This wonderful non-profit coordinates funds and distributes them to a number of partners that address issues like climate change, wildlife, environmental conversation, food, land, and so much more 

Remember, if you want to enjoy the world that we live in, we need to treat it the right way. Plan for your post-vaccination vacation the right way by giving back to the world that you want to experience. 

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