CellCandy® Adaptive Fast Charge & Power Delivery

CellCandy® Adaptive Fast Charge & Power Delivery

CellCandy® Adaptive Fast Charge & Power Delivery

How USB-C Charging Technology Works & Why It Offers The Fastest Speeds On The Market 

In today’s world, it's safe to say that technology evolves on a near daily basis. With each new release, each new device, and each new model, there are upgrades, enhancements, and improvements that take existing technologies to new levels. One such technology revolves around charging your mobile devices and wireless accessories, and the evolution timeline of omnipresent USB.

If you’re familiar with the way technology has been going these days, then you likely are already familiar with USB-C. USB-C is, essentially, a deviation and upgrade from the original USB drive – think, your thumb drive, flash drive, mobile hard drive, old school charging devices, etc. USB-C is smaller, faster, and much more efficient – and that is why it pays dividends for mobile users each and every day. But why the switch? What does USB-C offer that traditional USB doesn’t? How does it work, and why does it offer the fastest speeds in the market? Let’s break it all down. 


How Does USB-C Charging Work? 

USB-C is quickly becoming the industry standard charging cable for a number of reasons – first, it’s more reliable than USB, and it offers more universality. How? Well, think about your traditional USB charging cable – you can only plug it into the receiver for use in one direction, right? It has to be flipped to the correct side in order for you to be able to fasten it securely to the power brick and charge your device. 

USB-C is much more universal, in that the port can face any direction and still work with your charger. This makes the cable much easier to insert and plug in. Additionally, and most importantly, USB-C cables can facilitate much more power than a traditional USB cable. This means that they have the potential to charge your devices much more efficiently, giving you a faster charge in far less time. 

And not only that, but USB-C cables are also capable of transferring information at much faster speeds. For instance, if you were to sync your iPhone to your laptop with a USB-C cable, you would see that your photos would transfer to and from your laptop much faster than they would if you were using a traditional USB.  

So, with all of that in mind, it should be clear just how USB-C’s actually work, and why they have become the new industry standard as of late. Additionally, it is clear to see just why these devices offer the fastest speeds in the market. Now, with that in mind, let’s talk a little more about how CellCandy® is utilizing USB-C technology to drive a brand new suite of power accessories and fast charging cables for mobile devices.  

CellCandy® USB-C To USB-C Fast Charge Cable 

When you’re looking for the very fastest charge for your device, the CellCandy® USB-C to USB-C Fast Charge Cable or Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB-C Fast Charge Cable are the perfect solutions. Engineered to provide the very fastest path to a full charge when combined with a Fast Charge Wall or Car Charger, these products together ensure a speedy charge for all your newest, most valuable devices.

CellCandy® chargers and cables are designed with a reinforced coating to ensure the structural integrity of the high-speed wires underneath, you can expect lasting use and maximum safety time and time again. In order to ensure that our charging cable would not only surpass the current USB-C cables on the market, but continue to set new quality standards, we use only the best materials and components which we have sourced from over 24 years of business. 

With the USB-C to USB-C Fast Charge Charging Cable, you can charge your Samsung or USB-C enabled smartphone up to 50% in only 30 minutes with Adaptive Fast Charging technology. Featuring the ability to facilitate a steady, accurate, and even flow of safe power, your smartphone battery will charge much more efficiently and safely than with most standard cables on the market.

In the event that you use Apple devices, our USB-C charging cable with a Lightning port has been created for seamless iPhone and iPad charging. It works with AirPods as well! Quickly charge the latest Lightning-enabled Apple products with a reliable USB-C charging cable designed for lasting use time and time again. Our USB-C to Lightning cable facilitates Power Delivery technology, which places a read on your device through USB-C technology and provides the most optimal, fastest and yet safest flow of power. 

CellCandy Dual USB-C and USB Wall Charger With Fast Charge 

To really take advantage of USB-C technology, you need a dedicated wall charger equipped with Fast Charge to ensure that your cables are receiving enough power to quickly charge your device.  

The CellCandy® Dual USB-C and USB Wall Charger with Fast Charge is a comprehensive charging solution that allows you to charge both USB-C devices and USB(A) devices all at the same time. This charging cube is strong enough to not only match the power of the cube that came with your device, but also to exceeds it, being equipped with Adaptive Fast Charge technology, and facilitating Power Delivery speeds. 

If you’re looking for the fastest speeds you can find to charge your newest, most valued devices; CellCandy® has the right products, at the right prices, and with the best engineering support your phones, tablets, wireless earbuds, speakers and more.

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